Sunday, April 16, 2017

Dreams nipped at the bud

So after the evil Alasse, FantasyWoods, & Sherimi have been showing off their lovely Pureneemos, Momokos and barbies, I've been really considering getting some of those dollies!

However my dreams have been cut short before they even began! All the ones I like are sold out/super expensive/inflated. ;_;~

But here is some eye candy anyway!
The first Neemo I adored! x3

Sunday, March 12, 2017

~Amazing packages~

Omg, yes I have a PureNeemo! Because the ever generous and amazing Alasse sent me this gorgeous girl! @o@ I just can't believe it. I believe her evil plan to get me aboard the Neemo-train is coming along nicely.
 Along with her came a few really adorable outfits as well x3~ I'm thinking she needs a name next!

 Almost at the same time another wonderful package from FantasyWoods arrived!
Look at all the amazing stuff x3 Wow~ and some Sailor Moon stuff and miniatures (which will find a great place in this diorama set-up!) and kawaii doll things as well ~~  the owl plushie is just adorable too, they're my favorite animal!!

I'd like to thank you both once again, thank you so much~!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Monde de Pinocchio 12 Taipei - Doll party

Last weekend I attended the later half of MDP 12 in Taipei, unfortunately I couldn't be there any earlier than 1PM!
Here's my photo report~~
Pictures below the cut~

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Decluttering with Marie Kondo

I've heard of Marie Kondo's methods of tidying, decluttering and storing a while back and she immediately impressed me!
Ever since then I've been trying to declutter my life, especially with having to move to Taiwan. But I admit I still have too many things, not only here but also in my hometown! So I've decided the next time I go home (maybe summer) ~ I will try to minimize my BJD collection by asking the vital question:
Does it bring you joy?
 It's not as simple as it sounds, I know! I think it's not only asking yourself when you pick something up whether it brings you joy, it's also comparing it to other things.
So far I've done a rough plan of dolls I may or may not be willing to sell by June xD;

In fact, this collage isn't complete. I've made quite a long list of potential sales victims xD;;; Of course there are quite a few who also give me far too much joy to ever consider selling them~

However, do let me know if you are interested in any of them! Blog readers get first dibs!

What are your minimizing strategies if you use any?

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Nostalgia alert: Remember Neopets?

Salstra, my ancient battle pet xD;
One thing that I used to do all the time when I first gained access to the internet (around age 12-13) ~ was play Neopets! Does anyone remember this? It's still active, even today! Only on neopets can you give your pets petpets, and those can even have petpetpets. You could even own an asparagus or... an egg.

So from time to time I check back in on my 14.5 year-old account~ the new-ish feature of dressing your Neopets is something I quite enjoyed. So here's to sharing some of my nostalgia-fueled guilty pleasure. Hahha~
The reason I go back is due to the good memories, I met some of my best friends through Neopets actually, and we still keep in touch to this day!

Some of my pets/customizations are below!

If you secretly have an account there, feel free to add me @ true_solarsenshi~

Are there any games you used to play way back when you first discovered the internet?