Saturday, February 6, 2010


You and I~
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Finally a picture of Sang that I really like~ she is a Soom Heliot girl, I bought her head already modded and got her a Cuprit body with beautiful long nails! Her face-up was done by the wonderful Miriam.

I love the way she can do such different expressions depending on how she's photographed, she really is more beautiful as a girl! Can you believe Soom marketed Heliot as a boy? xD;;;


  1. She looks so beautiful, I love her rosy cheeks! I think I prefer Heliot as a girl, as a boy I didn't find him very interesting but as a girl she's really intriguing

  2. Thank you Raouken, I have to say I feel the same way ^^ ever since I first saw him I wanted to make him into a girl~ then so many pretty Heliot girls came along I really couldn't resist it any longer!

  3. She's really lovely ^^
    And mirri did a great job on her face up.
    Indeed hard to believe she is sold as a boy, but again a lot of dolls have that =p

  4. Thank you Hyperwolfy, you're right XD I think especially Soom dolls seem to have this gender confusion going on (boys look better as girls and vice versa).