Saturday, June 12, 2010


Heaven, originally uploaded by solarsenshi.

Haneul is my newest dolly~ actually she is a bit of an impulse buy (but then again, what isn't?) I got her body as a full doll, namely Aria Narvy, but I really really hated that head irl, it doesn't resemble the promo pictures much at all~! So I decided to go for a LittleMonica yuria head, a head I had liked for a while, and I happened to find one with default face-up on the marketplace at DoA! Lucky me! I adore her face, but her eyes are so deep in her head I have to photoshop her eyes in every picture to make them look a little bit less like dark holes of d00m. Also, her neck is too long for this head xP I hope with some mods I can like her better. I am considering investing in a Dremel... or maybe I can ask some one to mod her for me.

Also feeling really Soomed at the moment...

Why Soom, why?! I really shouldn't be spending money right now.


  1. Haneul is so beautiful! Congrats!
    My Konami has the same eye-problem though, always look so dark on photos...

  2. Thank you Metal_Minish! Some companies really seem to have this issue XD I think PeaksWoods does it too a bit, but that doesn't bother me so much