Monday, July 5, 2010

A Blossom Tree

How you would chance upon me in this most beautiful moment!
For this, I have prayed to the heavens for 500 years,
prayed for our earthly fate.
The Heavens destined me as a tree
rooted aside the road of which you will walk.
In the sunlight, flowers abloom,
each bloom, the hope of my past lives.
As you draw near, listen carefully:
Those shivering leaves are the fervor of my anticipation.
And as you finally walk passed disregarding,
behind you, there falls:
Friend, those aren't flower petals,
it is my withered heart

A blossom tree by Xi Murong <3 I recently heard this, and it is a beautiful Chinese poem, no matter how many versions of it exist translated into English~

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