Tuesday, August 10, 2010


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Long time no blog! xO I am still preparing myself for China, also arranging meets with people for the last time before I go there and such.
I sold about 12 of my Pullips since my last post~ including all my customs based upon my characters like Solar, Pinku (see above for Farah) etc.! I decided that they will be 'on paper' only characters, because I simply wasn't doing anything with the dollies. I have noticed that I am paying a bit more attention to my BJDs lately as well. That doesn't mean I can give up Pullip though, I still love love love customising them~ and I'll be bringing some to China with me!
While we're on that subject, I can't bring any BJDs there.. but I sure as hell can get some delivered there. 2 BJDs will be coming to me in China.. from Korea & HK. Cheap shipping!

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