Thursday, August 19, 2010

Traveling without dollies..!

Ah, tomorrow morning I will be leaving for China for 6 months! It is so hard to leave my Pullips behind, I thought I could really bring maybe 1 or 2 girls with me but it turns out my hand luggage is still slightly over the weight limit even without them! Aahh! Packing is so hard >.<;;;
For now I will only be having BJDs there, because I will be receiving my lovingly nicknamed bitchface there~ (Soom Beryl) as well as my 4th Goldie (a white one this time though!)~ I will hopefully be able to buy some things for them there too and maybe I'll have to buy a Pullip there... xD;

I've borrowed some of my dollies to my friends because I can't take any ;_;
Ella(unoa zero latea) went to Leea
Arindine(pullip isolde) along with the Innocent World outfit set XD went to Natasja
Baisu (pullip haute LA) went to Maaike

I hope my dollies will be fine there~ the rest is boxed up T^T I'll miss them!


  1. Hi Irene, sorry that I had to dollynap your beautiful Arindine ;) She keeping me accompany at my desk and I really want to take here outside for some pictures, but somehow the sun disappeared :(

    I hope your flight went well and that you'll have a great time in China - and can bring lots of dollies back ^_^

    It's so cool that Ella borrowed your Noir, it's one of her grails right?

  2. Thanks so much Natasja, hope to see many more beautiful photos you take of her soon~! :D