Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I miss my dollies~

Gold time, originally uploaded by solarsenshi.

Well, some older pictures for now that I took back home ~ Goldies! I've realised how much I miss my Pullips here, as well as my other BJDs at home. Having 2 BJDs here really helps a lot though~ how therapeutic dollies are!

I ordered an artist head from a Chinese doll artist~ shipping was only $3 since I am also in China at the moment, she won't be completed for a long time for now I guess though, seeing as she needs a body, wig, eyes, face-up, etc. ^^; Here is a picture from the artist herself!

I am also a very bad girl, Supia re-released tan Rosy again.. a limited run, and I bought one again~ was missing my old one! My excuse: I had enough balance on my paypal. Her name shall be Faye ^o^

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