Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Faithfully named Stupidhead or Troublesome Girl (no official name yet) because of all the trouble she caused me~ x3

She actually got trapped in customs for a long time, and I kept getting phone calls from Chinese ladies from EMS customs without having any Chinese people around who could actually answer them for me XD; So eventually Chinese Irene managed to phone them and after some bureaucracy it turned out I was able to pick her up but I had to pay a tax of 330 Yuan (around 38 euros)~ So last week I took a day off to travel to the customs office (almost 2 hours by bus XD) and managed to pick her up without too much trouble! Yay!

She's finally home, and she's supercute, completely different from my other Goldies. She really needs a Chinese name but maybe Irene can help me with that~ I was thinking of something with Ming in it ^o^


  1. Pssh, send her home! >=/. Kirari and co miss their long-lost sistah xP

  2. A troublesome li'l lady indeed, but a very cute one! Congrats, and welcome home~

  3. Thanks both for the comments :D haha, she will always be remembered for that now ~ I have yet to decide her relation to my other 3 Goldies. xD

  4. Wow you had to go through a lot of trouble to get her (・_・;) But she totally worth it, such a beautiful and cute Goldie! (^。^)