Sunday, November 28, 2010

Xiamen Winnings

I've hoarded so many things here in China now that I've got enough to blog about every day for the next year! xD
Anyway, here are some of my favourite things, things that are useful to me as well~

Little elephant pencil box ~ yes, stuff like this can be purchased at WalMart over here. It's cute, with some friendly text on it as well, and the tiny drawers are very useful for a crafter like myself ^^.

Pearl & crystal bracelet: I got this from one of the street vendors near Zhongshanlu (the biggest shopping street here). I enjoy looking at the stalls, but there are also vendors that sell their goods from a small suit case. Because the lady was in a hurry to leave (some authority figures were making their way over I believe) I managed to haggle this cute bracelet down to only 20RMB~ It's easy to put on because you can 'roll' it around your wrist.
Pearl & beads bracelet: This is from Gulangyu (aka: Piano Island) a famous tourist attraction next to Xiamen. There are many many street stalls here selling cute items~! Me and Ding Ling both got one, and we managed to haggle the price down to 10RMB for both ~ The magnets used for closing it are very strong, but I'm afraid to go near my laptop with this bracelet on! x3;

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