Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dolly shopping guide for Mongkok, Hong Kong

*Notice* This post is very outdated, I have recently updated the HK Dolly shops, and have only found 2 remaining ones!  Click here to see the post!

So~ I decided to make a little guide for all the dolly shops I managed to find in Mongkok~ it's really a nice place to shop! I got some suggestions off forums such as denofangels, but I've decided to compile all my findings into this one big shopping guide, with pictures! I've discovered some great BJD, Blythe and Pullip shops! Also, if you're into anime figures or other dollies/action figures then you will also be in heaven in these malls.

I was conveniently located in a hostel on Argyle street, extremely close to all the dolly-related malls~

The main location seems to be Sai Yeung Choi street south, here Ginza plaza is located (check the basement!) as well as CTMA centre (check B2, 2 floors down for 3 big Blythe shops, though there's cute shops upstairs too!) and pakpolee commercial centre (where DollHeart is located, take the leftmost elevator to the 22nd floor and DH will be to your left.).

One of my favourite shops in the Ginza basement was JR toys house, the lady there was very nice and helpful and she has a lot of wigs, eyes and clothes for sale!

Another nice location is Richmond commercial / shopping centre on Argyle street, be sure to check the basement as well as the other floors. There are 2 mainly dolly shops here, one being D.D.D, but it was never open on any of the nights that I checked x_X!

Some interesting malls you might want to check out (down the street on the map, marked with an arrow):
Sino commercial centre on Nathan Road (loaaads of anime stuff, music too)
Nathan road again, a little further down: President commercial center: has Josephina on the 3rd floor, you can take the lift. Be sure to ask for the wigs, they are not on display ^^ Wigs are much cheaper in this shop than on the cancan-jseries website~

Tips: most of these shops will open at night~ the best time is to go after 2pm, but my preferred time is between 5 and 6 pm, most of them are definitely open at that time, opening times vary greatly but I found this is the best time for most shops!


For Blythe and Pullip shoppers: try entering a general toy shop in one of these malls and looking up, you might discover something you like.

I hope to visit Hong Kong again some day!


  1. Aw those shops are so cool! I want to visit HK too someday~ Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think if I visited Hong Kong I would spend all my money :)

  3. Wow! Thanks for the list! I am going to HK in March/April and this will definitely be helpful! ^____^

  4. Haha, I definitely spent too much money in Hong Kong >_< especially at DollHeart...~
    @Julianne: You're welcome, I hope you'll manage to find all the shops like I did, and maybe even more! Have a fun time shopping!

  5. Hi ^^ Where is that shop with SOOM dolls on it's window? :3

  6. @Blueberry yeah: That is Josephina's shop~~ :D She seems to have a LOT of soom dolls, just not all on display.

  7. That's so nice ^^ I have to go there some day :3 Thank you ^^!

  8. how much is a pullip doll in hongkong? thanks ☺

  9. From HKD550 upwards :3 Some shops are cheaper than others so have a good look around. The random toy shops that carry them seem to be cheaper than actual doll shops, also Pullips are cheaper in HK than in Japan ^^