Friday, January 28, 2011

Tokyo dolly shopping

Now to write about my shopping time in Tokyo~

I had a good time in Tokyo, though it was considerably more expensive than Hong Kong! Not all dolly things were more expensive though. But it made me watch what I spent a little bit more nonetheless.
The main shopping malls for dolly / kawaii stuff I discovered were Studio Alta in Shinjuku(east exit), right near the station, Radio Kaikan right next to Akihabara station (electric town exit), and Broadway inside the Sun mall right near the Nakano station (north exit).

I discovered BJD / Pullip / Blythe shops in each of these malls, and I especially liked the Volks shop in Akihabara as well as the Azone shop in that same mall. Plus, there are a lot of toy shops to be found who also sell these dollies! Don't be afraid to walk in and look around, you'll be surprised by what you find ^^

Here are a few photos to share of the Azone empire:

Funny thing: both days I came to Radio Kaikan in Akihabara, one store was always playing the same Shiina Ringo DVD with her old MVs~ I appreciate the guy's good taste.

Next time I really should bring more addresses with me, and a map. Because maps and photos are really helpful for recognising places in Tokyo! The train system can also be quite confusing, especially if it's entirely in Japanese, but I found out it's really not as hard as it seems and managed to travel by train around Tokyo every day~
-Be sure to print out the maps Volks has on their website for their stores, very convenient!
-Pullips seem to be cheaper in Hong Kong after all~ (the newest ones being available at 63 euros)
-More nude dolls are available around Tokyo though.
-Azone stuff is cheaper in the store itself than anywhere else it seems.

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