Monday, February 28, 2011


So, I had a little dolly meet yesterday with some of my friends I hadn't seen since before I left for China! They all brought me little gifts <3 and they are so cute and wonderful I had to post about it! So here are some of the things I got:
Cute Milk pouch, Apple booklet and Sugar Mag dress from Natasja <3 They're all so kawaii, and exactly my taste (I love apple themed stuff!). Check out her cute website too some time: Kao-Ani
Handmade Puppy pencil case from Yasmin <3 She is great at sewing kawaii things and always has original designs! Check out her blog Chubby Tentacle~
And last but not least a book from Maaike! This is one of the books she drew / wrote herself, and it's sortof a comic-style diary about Hong Kong! I love reading about her own experiences in Hong Kong! Check out her blog My Little Hearts!

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