Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pullip Pics

Shui, originally uploaded by solarsenshi.
Some photos of my lovely Prunella (adopted from my good friend Yukittie before I left for China ^^)~ and Kuri, a Jupi that I adopted from my dear friend Pacchan~ these girls are finally getting the attention they deserve now that I'm back from Asia! :D (ahh, good olde Europe XD)


  1. Aww I'm so happy to see Kuri again! She's in such good hands now~ <3

  2. Irene, isn't this your original Jupi that you traded with me a long time ago? I think that I rechipped her at that time, but didn't bond with her and sold her to Pacchan? Not 100% sure, but it would be so nice if she was yours in the first place ^_^

    Beautiful pictures!
    ~ Natasja

  3. @Pacchan: Yay, I'm glad to have her here ^^
    @Natasja: I think you're right haha :D it's very funny how I end up with a doll I owned a long time ago some times ^^