Sunday, March 27, 2011

Angelic Pretty × Pullip

Outfit sets/ Angelic Pretty, originally uploaded by Suemomo.
(not my photo!)
This outfit set is adorable!
Speaking of adorable & Angelic Pretty.. I'm tempted to pre-order Pullip Prupate, but mostly for her outfit! x3

Pullip Prupate - Offical studio shots

Some other dollies I've been tempted by lately are Amarri & Lunatic Queen~ I think both will look great with some minor changes (Amarri would need a new wig for sure!).


  1. Look at those eyes on Angelic Pretty Pullip! *w* And those outfits are awesome as well...
    I actually like Amarri's wig, think it's quite cute... hehe XD

  2. Omg I love all your pullips and pullip news....honestly I was going to dive right into this whole bjd thing! Pullips and blythes were on the top of my list but pullips won me over because I think they're prettier and bf think's they're less creepy LOL So I bought this nice doll house etc. etc.....but things got dragged on, I had to prioritize my life (and income lol) so I just went to return the doll house yesterday and decided to give up on this hobby!!!! Im so sad but Im glad I get to see your dolls here!!!! <3

    In case your wondering I was going to buy the Ddalgi pullip because my bf liked it and said she resembled me the most, even though I like other dolls and tried to convince him, he was stubborn lol

    Im glad you enjoyed my post! I think it's a shame that the angelic pretty isn't coming out with a pin outfit =(

  3. @Metal_Minish: Indeed! I adore the outfits a lot ~ I do like the whole concept behind Amarri quite a lot, including the wig XD But in the end I think I would get tired of such a wig easily ^^

    @suki pooki: Aww, that's such a shame to hear it! XD my dream is to build a dollhouse for my Pullips one day!
    Also, Ddalgi is also really really cute :o I like her natural face a lot ^_^

  4. I love that AP outfit, it looks so cute~
    And Prupate is such a lovely doll. Her stock outfit is nice and I just LOVE her eyes! Can't wait to see more pictures of her^^

  5. @da hae cho: I agree :D I am also looking forward to seeing this dolly in owner pics~~