Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Confrontation, originally uploaded by solarsenshi.
A possible scene from my BJD story~

I've been inspired lately, inspired to finally start doing more about my personal goals. I've always wanted to make Dolly pic-fics as well as work on trying to draw a comic (I've got many stories / characters lined up for this, they're just not all equally detailed xD).

Here are some personal goals I wrote down:
Work on a plan / name / logo for a little shop
Since owning my own business is some what of a distant dream for me

Write a general outline for my BJD story
I've been coming up with some ideas and it's becoming more detailed!

Write a summary of my Rain story
I decided to go with this story, because even though it's not very detailed, it's got a lot of interesting characters and it's also my newest. I feel like I need something fresh to work on instead of some of the other ones I've had lying around for years.

In the mean time I'll practise drawing & photography as well as do a lot of research for all of these goals~