Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Miau V2.0

Miau V2.0, originally uploaded by solarsenshi.
She's on a PureNeemo Flection body~ isn't it adorable? ^__^ I love this body, the fit was good on a Pullip head, the match a bit less so. But I really love the weight of this body - it's quite solid and it balances nicely with the Pullip head size ^^


  1. She looks so pretty! I really like this body as well and used it for my custom Blythe. I also noticed that it feels so solid. Is it also sturdier holding a Pullip head compared to an Obitsu body?


  2. Thanks Natasja! Yes, I think it's much more solid and sturdy than an Obitsu, it doesn't pose as well but it's cute and the hand options are also adorable x3