Monday, March 7, 2011


So what's new? Pokemon Black & White! I'm still waiting on my copy of White though (from the UK) so in the mean time I'm playing Platinum for the first time!

But here is my planned party for Pokemon White~ I made it a point to choose some of the dumbest looking Pokemon as usual! You should see what they evolve into. XD


  1. Pokémon just keeps looking worse and worse... ^^;;
    But I always make lists like this myself, looking at the new ones and making up strategies...

  2. Haha, I so totally agree with you there. xD However, I can't deny that I still enjoy playing the games very much ^^;
    List making is fun! XD

  3. The white Pokemon on the top left looks rather cute though ^_^


  4. @Natasja: yes it's rather cute - it's a starter pokemon and those are all cute at the beginning but involve into big ugly beasts later on xD;