Monday, April 4, 2011

Isul Hamilton

Soo~ my Isul Hamilton finally arrived on saturday~ of course I immediately re-wigged her ^_^ I think she'll be a girl!!
What I love: Isul's so girly~ in fact I'd almost say s/he's genderless xD she's got a cute expression and face. I like the not-quite-a-smile expression. The face-up is cute and she's got shiny black eye lids. Her stock is quite nice and detailed.
What I don't love: The neck is deep in the chin, and modifications are made a lot harder seeing the shape of his head and neck hole. Stock wig is one of the most horrible things ever. The stock shoes don't fit and they smell awful.
What made me laugh out loud: the panties!!! Are you seriously marketing Isul as a male doll, Groove?


  1. Who says men can't have lace panties? ;3
    I'm not sure what to think of Isul yet, I'll have to see some more releases and owner photos...

  2. Haha, perhaps you're right xDD
    I'm actually not sure what to think of Isul yet either. xO;

  3. me too. i laughed a lot when discover his panties! hahaha!! He is my first male doll and just received him 14hb April. I love to take his picture with my Byul Pollon. Have a look on my deviantart account >>

  4. Haha :3 congrats on receiving him! I love your Byul too <3