Thursday, May 5, 2011

Selling dollies

Soo... I'm selling off quite a bit of Pullips from my collection, mainly because I feel I have way too many and I also feel bad for just having them sit there. I also need some monies for BJD things (such as an Iple House body) so it all works out just fine. The other thing that happens when I sell dollies is.. some times people are just so happy they get an opportunity to buy their dream doll! That just takes away any doubts I had about selling those dollies and it makes me feel relieved and happy. The doll is going to a new owner who will definitely pay more attention to them~

If I sell all of these Pullips then I should have just under 20 left. Eek. It feels a bit nice as well to have a smaller collection!

Here's some music so this post isn't so boring!


  1. Oh.. I understand. ^^'
    Where do you sell them, and which of your dolls do you sell? :c

  2. I sell them on a forum called Dolly Market, but I'll be sure to put a post up on my Flickr soon too~