Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My Unoa Ange girl arrived last week and I also managed to assemble her, but she only needs a face-up ^_^
She is quite cute, and I hope I can maybe bond with her after she gets her face-up and then take her off on my Asia trip (Japan, HK and China!) to pick her up some clothes (she has none x3;). I think she will wear a warm brown wig instead once she is completed!


  1. Wow! It sucks that you have to sell some dolls to fund your trip, especially when they're all so beautiful!!! Wow an unoa doll! They're so expensive! I remember when I wanted a pullip doll I lused after these unoa dolls but since they were sooo pricey and I have no idea how to do face-ups I decided to to purchase one.

    The giant spider sculpture is located in Roponggi! It's called Maman by Louise Bourgeois whose a modern and contemporary artist! Are you a fan of her works? I was stunned to see her spider in real life! You're so lucky to be going back! I wish i could too, Im not scared of radiation but unfortunately my parents and bf are! I hope you have tons of fun when you go back!

  2. Aw thanks <3 yeah, I think I can't let this opportunity to go to Asia again slide though! So I think it's worth selling some dolls for it ^^;
    You're right, Unoas are expensive especially since you can't order them directly from any online shop (only though ordering periods using a shopping service) ~ but they're worth it :3 I have 2 Unoa Zero girls and they're some of my favourite dolls!

    Oooh, I'd like to see it, I haven't heard of the artist but I was curious when I saw that statue! :D There's a gigantic octopus statue in Xiamen on Gulangyu (Piano Island) ! It reminded me a bit of it, here is my photo of it xD;