Friday, July 15, 2011

Polka & Dottie ~

Polka & Dottie ~, originally uploaded by solarsenshi.
Get it? x3

Dottie(left) is owned by Pacchan ( and Polka(right) is owned by me~ we created them together, I did the face-ups and Pacchan did the lovely outfits and wigs!


  1. So cute! ;w;
    I love their wigs!! I want so bad a two-colored wig like that to one of my dolls. *o*

  2. Thank you dae hae cho :3 I adore the wigs too, my friend did a great job on them! :D

  3. These Pullips are lovely and soooo adorable!!! You're so brave and talented to be able to do such nice face-ups!!!! Oh and I love the idea of the wig being two colours!

    Thanks for joining my giveaway! <3

  4. Thanks for your lovely compliment suki pooki! :D