Monday, August 8, 2011

Loot #3

Loot update~ now including dolly stuffs as well - yay for cheap things! We shopped in Nakano (Sun / Broadway mall) and found lots of adorable little shops! As well as Dolly shops! I also went back to Harajuku to pick up a used H.Naoto bag... it's the same bag that Pullip Adsiltia has! How cool is that <3?
Today we shopped at Nippori - the Fabric town side which is an amazing shopping street filled with fabric stores and stores selling used yukatas/kimonos!

Nippori loot

Look at all these cute fabrics! I wasn't even sure where to look, the shops were selling so many delicate and fine patterned fabrics.. I picked up some small pieces and also some bigger pieces to give to some friends of mine as well~ In this photo you can also see some cute hair accessories and cute pencil toppers (they have cute little tiny erasers in the tube at the top!) ~


  1. So Adorable! You're making me want to go to Japan.
    I definitely like the bag!

  2. Thankies~ Hope you get a chance to go soon, I miss it already! ^_^