Monday, October 31, 2011

Bags bags bags

In the past few weeks I somehow managed to obtain 4(!!) new bags! I've never owned so many bags at once in my life, haha!
I was looking for a new bag for my laptop that would be a better fit than my current one (it's a tight squeeze for my laptop!) and I bought myself a black leather bag and decided to decorate it with scarfs. Funny thing is there's a sort of scarf chain store here that is having a big sale at the moment! (All scarfs from 128 / 98 to: 12 yuan!) so I picked some of those up~
 Here's my black bag with a lovely colourful deco~
Near the main shopping street here, there's often a man selling heaps and heaps of bags of questionable origin (?) off the back of a cart! I've been there twice and picked up a total of 3 bags from that shop, since they're all priced at 39 yuan only(less than EU4,50 or USD6.20)! I decided to pimp these bags myself with little scarfs as well as bag hangers (you can buy those anywhere here xD~)
Here are a few photos of two more of those bags (the first picture is also one from this place!)~~
 Pink baggu with tiny scarf~
 A super fake LV with a baggy bag I purchased for the side (there's a special ring to hang deco from!)
The whole LV bag with matching scarf I picked up for it ^^ I just thought owning a really obvious fake brand item was a must over here in China and I love it~! 


  1. That first one is so lovely bag<3

  2. Thanks Puolukka~ I haven't even used that one yet, but I adore it too ^^