Sunday, October 23, 2011

Catch the rabbit!

Catch the rabbit!
My newly finished custom girl ended up looking like Alice~ without realising it I've got an Alice in Wonderland theme going on here ^^;

Confused Alice
Her things came from various locations~ Head: I brought it from home ^^
Eye lashes: Japan
Wig: Japan
Body: Japan
Dress: Hong Kong
Shoes: Hong Kong
Headbow: Xiamen~


  1. Oh she looks really cute! X3 The last piccu makes her look so mysterious and shy!

  2. Aa~~ She's so sweet! Her make looks so natural, really well done. I love it^^
    What's her body, is it a Neemo? :3

  3. Thank you both ~ x3
    @Da Hae Cho : yush, it's a Pureneemo Flection~

  4. Your Alice is so adorable, love that sweet face of hers with the blushed cheeks and slightly worried expression... X3