Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hearty animal friend

First up here's another small loot picture. I recently discovered a couple of lovely cheap shops in the slum behind my apartment (it's also a wonderful place to eat!) and picked up a hairband there and some other small things.
Here's a couple of highlights from this haul:
Jetoy cards.. I can never resist Jetoy stuff!
Hairbands & hair clips, some were bought in Wenzhou and some here in Xiamen!
Skin food honey melon hand creme, I recently discovered this brand when I was in Hong Kong and have since discovered a new branch has opened right near me right here in Xiamen! I love their stuff and I am planning to stock up on a few more things before I return to Europe and cannot obtain any more of it~
Notebooks, with cute designs and squares!! in them, so I can practise writing Chinese characters, how convenient!
Handmade plushies, I've seen these in a few shops around here, but finally couldn't resist buying this silly bunny and silly smoochie face thingie!

Epically silly item of the day
"Hearty animal friend correction tape"
Yes, this caught my eye at the local Wal Mart and I had to get it. It's an animal shaped correction tape / eraser. The thing that really got my attention, besides the silly shape and handy functions, was the text on the bottom of the packaging:
It's a present for you!!
"It's not big thing, but here is something for you.."

Isn't that adorable?
Thanks for reading~


  1. Everything you find is so cute, wish there were shops selling stuff like this nearby... *w*

  2. ~thanks Metal Minish! I wish there were "cute" shops like the ones here in Asia over in Europe too ^^;