Wednesday, October 5, 2011

That crazy chicken

That crazy chicken, originally uploaded by solarsenshi.
Gifts, loot, winnings and other things~~
 Such a late post! I did not get many chances to take any photos due to lack of daylight lately~ but since it's a Chinese holiday right now I have a lot more time! I also just returned from Wenzhou, but more about that in my China blog ^^
The first picture is some loot I got near Xiamen University - there are so many small cute shops there! My love for random English on stuff here never ends as can be seen on the note book and pen~ "I'm delicious!" xD;
The cute metal hair clips were bought at the slum (it's blossoming!) near our apartments, they were so cheap I just couldn't resist them~ these cost at least 5 times as much at other stores! Gotta love bargains.
There's a funny story behind that random chicken plushie, I found this tiny plushie shop near Xiamen University, and inside there was a man busily sewing plushies, lots of random creatures including giraffes with wings ~ here I found this weird chicken that can't even stand up, for a good price too! My friend Linda picked up one of the most awesome giraffes too!

  Mooncake game winnings!
Here are some of the (useful!) things I won from the mooncake game, nothing big, but really fun prizes! The calculator was actually a gift from a guy here at work, he won that prize from the game, but I think he thought it was too girly! Haha! :D Thank you ~

Birthday gifts~
My birthday was 20 Sept and it wasn't really eventful, I hadn't planned anything other than cake at work~ however some of my Chinese friends here remembered my birthday and gave me gifts on that day! Included are some traditional cakes from Nan Pu Tuo temple, some cute shell wind chime and turtles, a lucky kitty bracelet, a Hello Kitty gel wrist pad and a little pink pouch! I had a great day!

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