Sunday, November 6, 2011

Asia shopping addict

Look what showed up ~ (More inside post)

Some way overdue haul pictures!

Silly mouth cap
A mouse plushie, I'm addicted to these!
Cute hairbands from teh 10 yuan shops
More cute hairbands!
Cuuute kitty stickers from an import shop!

 Adding to my ever growing kawaii cup collection... an Ice cream cup with a waffle shaped spoon! :D
Kitty + Umbrella cup from an import shop~

"Good morning" cup with a cute elephant!!
"Book mate"~ useful and cute.
Another addiction of mine is sticky notes... if you hadn't noticed u_u
....and stickers "lovely expression" many sheets in many colours~
Plasters / band-aids~ I had to stock up on some, because I seem to run out of these quite fast ^^; Yay for Domo-kun!
Bling~ LV hair clip and red / gold / rhinestone bracelet ^^
A lovely close-up of 2 shiny hair accessories
Hair sticks ~ love these too much!
Thanks for looking