Sunday, November 27, 2011

An update~!

My newly decorated wall~ courtesy of wall sticker sheets from the 2元 shop! ..and now for some loot!
The little Totoro spirit plushie I got at a local animation festival~ yay! Lately I'm really into studio Ghibli movies!
The musical note is actually a tea egg! Isn't it adorable?
More findings from the ever addictive 2 yuan shops ~ hair sticks! I really love these Chinese style hair sticks!
STICKERS~~~!!! xD; enough said. Love the giraffes!
And finally.. my new bags~ A deep brown bag, and a fancy pink one with pearls ~ one of my new wallets can also be seen inside the pink bag!

Thanks for looking~


  1. I'm so jealous! LOL
    You have so many cute stuff!! That wall-thingy looks just awesome~
    I wish to go to China someday~~
    I hope it's ok to ask.. are you Chinese? :D
    Or half? Or something 8D

  2. Thanks da hae cho ^^ glad you like the stuff!
    China is a great place to visit ~ I am in Xiamen right now and I recommend it since it's a smaller city ^^ and very clean.
    I'm not Chinese ~ 100% Dutch but I simply love China since my last 6 months I spent here ^^;

  3. Your wall is adorable!!! I love the vintage feel those stickers give! Omg totoro! I also love ghibli studios films! Have you seen the newest film, Arietty? I think it is coming to the big screen here in my city! I was in China last week but only Guangzhou and I actually really liked it! I love your new pink quilted bag! <3 Thanks for your suggestions on where to shop! I mainly shopped around mongkok and argyle road! I also shopped a bit in Tokyo (where most of my money went T_T) Oh and I scrolled down to your previous post and your doll, Alice is adorable!!! (the blonde one!)

  4. Thanks Suki Pooki! Glad to find a fellow Ghibli lover, no I haven't seen that movie yet! D: I plan to do that as soon as I can though~
    Guangzhou seems like a lovely city, not too far from where I am ^^; though still 9 hours by bus XD ~ Glad my shopping suggestions helped you! Tokyo is so good for shopping~ did you find any Swimmer shops? Also thanks for your compliment on my new dolly

  5. I have the same tea note (in white) and the totoro plushie :D

    I love your wall sticker! And the black bag is so cute^^
    It's been a long time since i have been to a 2 yuan shops! There are not so much in Shanghai, I loved to go that kind of shop when i was in Nanjing... Apparently they do have some pretty cool things now.

  6. Funny coincidence~ it seems we share the same taste? :3

    Ohh, I love them ~ there's also some 10 yuan shops here which are pretty cool too. But I love the random stuff 2 yuan shops have, anything from DIY tools to household supplies to cute things XD It's always so surprising.