Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cute cute ~

Back with some cute loot~!

Lately.. I like penguins. xD
Lovely pens ~ the skull one says "naked&famous" (what..?)
Thanks for looking~


  1. Aww, so cute things again! Pinguins are cool ;D
    And Engrish FTW! lol xD

  2. Thanks Da Hae Cho~ xD Haha, Engrish stuff is really the best ~

  3. Everything here is so cute! Makes me want to go back to Asia to shop hahaha but alas, no money! I didn't see anything like this when I went to Guongzhou ><

    Im glad to know that you enjoy reading my travel posts! To be honest Im scared that my readers will soon be bored with them, especially since I've been to tokyo three times already and want to go back >< Happy christmas!

  4. Thanks Suki Pooki! Haha, I know the money problem all too well XD especially Japan causes more issues like that ~ I also want to return there ^^ Please do blog about your travels more~!