Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shanghai & Hangzhou ~

I went on a 3 day trip to Shanghai & Hangzhou! Just sharing a picture of the West Lake(西湖) in Hangzhou ~


  1. I hope you had a nice trip :)

    I went to Xiamen for new year, it was such a great trip! I especialy loved 鼓浪屿 and南靖土楼, it was sooo beautiful.

    And I fell in love with 金宝银, it so delicious haha! Too bad they don't sell it there, i have to figure a way to make it myself T.T

  2. Thanks Elodie!
    You visited the tulou? I haven't even been there yet! :P I agree, gulangyu is a beautiful island~~
    I don't know that dish either, can you tell me what's in it?