Monday, June 4, 2012

Dolliverse x3

A quick picture of our stand (Sofia & I) at Dolliverse yesterday~ Yay! Sorry for the picture, but I didn't bring my camera so I took it using my mobile ^^ ~
Dolliverse is held twice a year over here and it's a small and cozy dollfair where tables are actually affordable ~ We really had a nice day, we talked to so many doll people and sold some of our things as well!


  1. The table came out adorable! Sounds like a lot of fun too.

  2. It looks like they're standing on a cloud, how cool! X3
    Wish we had dollfairs over here... ;__;

  3. Thank you both ~
    @Metal Minish: really, none at all? =O Here there are a lot ~ but most of them are for 1/12 scale dollhouses ^^ they are still fun though!

    1. Well, perhaps there are but I haven't seen any... If there are, I would guess they're aimed for vintage Barbie or something. ^^;;
      Guess I need to do some research! *-*

    2. Hope you can find some then, even if they are not targeted at BJDs or whatever, usually you can still find some tiny crafts items etc. ~