Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dolly meet happy gifts!

Last week I had a lovely meet at Natasja's house ~ together with Yasmin & Maaike as well!
We ate lots of delicious things, played singstar and also played with dollies a bit ~ Every one made the cutest gift bags (I feel bad because I didn't bring very many gifts this time around haha) so I will blog about those today ~
In the top picture you can see the wonderful Unicorn Poop cookies Yasmin made! She also decorated the plastic bag, they were also very delicious! Yes, that is glitter as well!
Above are some sweets I got, the paper bag features another drawing by Yasmin ^_^ ~ I especially love the chocolate poops! xD;;;

Some other gifts ~ so much cute stuff! I especially love the Jetoy book marks, thank you Natasja! :D

Also thanks Natasja for your hospitality~

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