Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shop shop shop

I wanted to share on some of the "big" things I have purchased here in China recently.
 (I love the shopping bags some of the stores give me~!)

First off, my Olive Oyl bag ~ There is a chain of bag shops here that sells bags with only the Betty Boop & Olive Oyl theme. While I am not a fan of having their huge logos or huge illustrations on the bags, this bag really caught my attention. The design is so cute, and it was also on sale at less than half price! (~a little more than 100RMB) ~ I love turquoise and I even bought my UV cut umbrella to match ~ (no pic this time though!)

Next up is a bag I picked up recently from a shop that attracted me in the past already ~ but I never actually bought anything there before. The brand is called Bani Rabbit and I've seen a few of these shops, they sell wallets, bags and some clothes. I fell in love with this bag at first sight (I also contemplated buying maybe 2 others!) and it was also on sale. So in the end I paid around 180RMB only ~ for this lovely bag. I just love the little details like the hearts and the ruffles on the side. All in all this bag is quite elegant~
Finally~ I was looking for some nail varnish and I ended up walking into the Sephora shop and picking one up there. When I paid for the bottle they gave me a VIP card! I'm not sure if they usually do this or if it was some event or something else, but it's pretty nice nonetheless! I guess I'll have to return to use it next time, haha!

 Thanks for looking~~


  1. Those bags are lovely~ I especially like the first one! So cuute ;u;
    The nail polish is really cool too, love the color. Are you on holiday in China or..? How long are you staying? ^^
    I'd really like to visit China someday too, ugh~

    1. Thankies! Right now I am working here, I have no idea how long I am staying ~

      You totally should, I especially recommend visiting smaller cities! :3