Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy (Chinese) new year!

I realised it's been a while since I've posted! In fact, the new year (Chinese) has already begun! Sooo, it's time for an update. Recently I've been shopping, because I got my new year holiday right now, but there's nothing to do in Xiamen! Most people went back to their hometowns to their families, many shops are closed around here and all my friends left as well. So, a very boring holiday for me, but okay for going shopping still ~

I also recently moved (again.. ) to a lovely new apartment where I have much more storage space. I see it as an excuse to buy more things really. Sadly I can now also shop online @_@

Another owl! and I got 2 new plants as well as some cute accessories for my plants ^^
Birds / owls obsession really.
Alpacas! So cute, bought in HK.

My latest bag purchase, 2 days ago at one of my favourite bag shops: Bani Rabbit ... starting to sense an addiction here.
What's in my bag? Card case, wallet, cute gloves as well as coupons for the Pacific Coffee Company.

Aand on my bag is my cute bus card holder ~~  so convenient and kawaii!

A super soft fluffy bag I purchased online ^_^

Another bag purchased online, I really love this design. It also came in a London style design~
Cute boxes.. the big one is being used for doll stuff now.
...and it's filling up nicely = =;

Thank you for looking ~ :D


  1. Such cute stuff! I LOVE the blue/white baggu!

    1. Thanks sweetie ~ :D I also love it!

  2. Really cute things :D
    I love those Alpacas plushies.

    Sadly I didn't receive your last giveawy prize yet ;w;
    Did you send it to me? ~*

  3. Thankies~
    I did send it, by envelope, but there's no tracking number so I can't guarantee anything x.x so sorry!

    1. Hi ~ sorry, I still hope it will arrive some how D: I have no idea how reliable regular envelope mail is here x.x

  4. You got so many cute stuff!!!! If ye didn't receive my Christmas card I'm afraid it most have gone to yer other address T_T. Anyway Happy CNY!!!!! Btw love the London scene bag the details are lovely!

    1. Thankies~ D'aw! Thanks anyway, it's the thought that counts right? :3
      Happy CNY ~~~