Friday, July 12, 2013

BJD Written Prompts #1 - The Wait

 So I decided to try this BJD prompts thingie ~

# 1 the Wait   
What are some things you do while you wait for your doll or doll things to come in?

Well, I mostly enjoy the planning process. I have 0 BJDs here with me right now, and the only one I ordered recently is Soom's Sweet Witch which I am still paying off as well~! 
But I enjoy imagining her final image and planning some things and possibly ordering them if I have the cash. Things such as eyes and wigs and clothes.

For this girl I also ordered the bi-weekly outfit, which is sooo lovely! I was tempted by Soom's outfits before, but I think this one is my favourite. I figured I might as well, since I am ordering the girl.. why not order the outfit before I regret it? ~ yeah. So she will probably wear it.
I ordered her in pink skin without any additional optional parts. I will also probably sell some of her parts ~ I adore her witchy shoes but I am not a big fan of her tail or horns. So those will probably be out the door as soon as I receive her. 
The pink skin seems very special, but her default face-up does absolutely nothing for her in my opinion, so I played around with photoshop a little bit filling up her lips. I think full sexy lips would suit her really well, especially on the dreamy head with the open mouth. Though I'll have to decide if I will keep both heads or just one when I get her and after I give her a face-up~ which I am also planning in my head!
I did already decide on a colour scheme of mostly pink and brown for her ~ but that may always change ^^ my plans are never really set in stone.

Also, she doesn't even have a name yet ~! But oh well.. plenty of time!

Thanks for reading x3


  1. That outfit looks very nice! i'm sure you'll give her the right face-up and hope you can receive her soon (you need dollies ;))

    1. Sankyu Natasja~~ x3 I hope so too ~ it's true I do need them T^T