Saturday, July 6, 2013

My trip home (Loot post!)

Of course with traveling comes... shopping!
Earrings, earrings, earrings..
And more.. crazy earrings!

Lovely beauty stuff and cute bird box!
Chocolate... I brought a lot from home x3
....Stickers of course.
Cute Sabon boxes, such lovely designs!
Cupcake tin! Yay for more storage ~
...and more stickers and earrings.. what's wrong with me? xD
Kawaii PJs with kitties saying "Bonjour" and some new body butter! Lovely!
Thanks for reading ~


  1. Kawaii little things like always ~*

    I have green roses earrings just like that :D

  2. I love the boxes and also the earring storage! Maybe I should do that too cause my earrings are just thrown in one corner and I'm surprised I haven't lost any of the yet. Your eiffel tower earrings are adorable and I love those Sabon boxes, the designs are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you~ Hahah yeah. I found I really need a good storage space for my earrings now @_@ since they seem to be multiplying..?

      Sabon's boxes are sooo lovely. I couldn't resist. Even though I didn't buy any of their beauty products XD; I always love their store displays!