Thursday, July 18, 2013

Soom SO: Alice & Queen of Hearts

Another wonderful Soom doll I have to miss out on T_T
I have no justification for this doll, no money, I already have a gorgeous Migma back home (though violet skin and open eyed)... ~
Her outfit is lovely and those alice shoes are very awesome! I am mostly in love with the red queen, her face-up is lovely! Incidentally I feel like I also missed out on Soom's earlier Mad Hatter order (pictured with Red Queen there)... I adore his smirk! However I also couldn't justify it since he just didn't have the right skin tone for me. I think I would prefer a tan or NS version! That said.. I really really missed out on their Puss in Boots! Gah, isn't it frustrating to want so many dolls?

Thanks for reading ~


  1. Gorgeous dolls! I've forgotten how beautiful bjds can be! Though very expensive, I feel your pain >< I really like Puss in Boots!!

    1. Haha, it's true, they are so gorgeous. But I have to pass on most of them T_T ~ I like Puss in Boots too, his tan skin is lovely.