Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BJD written prompts #2: Dream Dolls

I have only one dream doll, and he really is a so-called grail because he is impossible to obtain for me.

He is a Dollti Wooyan. The Dollti company has an interesting history it seems, they appeared some time ago, produced a few dolls, then seemingly disappeared. They apparently came back as another company called Lovelyhouse, and again with different dolls. Though I don't know the exact history. One of their boys, Wooyan, has a gorgeous body and a special type of face as well. As far as I know only a few users of DoA/Flickr have one. So finding one up for sale is just about impossible. Even a lot of money can't get me this doll!


Since there are no company pictures, here's a picture by another Flickr user who used to own one of these handsome boys.

Gah, impossible to find doll!


  1. Wow a doll that can't be bought with money! Why is this company so mysterious! Speaking of, are all boy dolls like this too? I tend to see more girl dolls around so don't have much of an idea how boy dolls look like lol

    1. Haha, yeah. Most boy dolls are very handsome ~ I have about 90% girls though, for some reason. LOL
      I recommend you check out some handsome boys, for example, iplehouse's men:

  2. Ooh, this doll looks quite nice - I think it looks nicer because its so hard to obtain! xD Just curious, but how much are the usual dolls? C:

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    1. The prices range enormously. However an average 60cm+ sized boy doll would generally be $500 or more.