Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shopping sprees galore

So I went shopping a few times, with my good friend Fiona and also with my cute student Kitty ~ here's some things I bought!
Frozen Yoghurt!!! yaaayyy!!!

Kawaii band-aids/plasters x3

I can never stop buying boxes, because I never run out of things to store in them = =;... also post cards and deco tape!

Paper storage folders ~ cute and useful!

The stickers.. always the stickers! @_@

Anddd some stationery!

Cute tins filled with cutely illustrated cards and stickers!

One was Pinocchio themed and the other the Wizard of Oz themed!
Thanks for looking ~


  1. HAHA I love to see your loots.. those sweet and cute stuff!! <3

    1. Thank you~ I'm a cute stuff addict, so it's really hard not to spend too much money here! T_T

  2. Frozen yoghurt looks so delicious! I hope I will be able to taste it someday. ^^
    Love all those cute things you bought! :3

    1. Hope so too, I love it a lot! :D they only recently started selling it here.


  3. Omg all the stuff you bought is crazy adorable! I especially love the tins with the cards and stickers!!! Oh whats that coloured pebble looking stuff at the top of the frozen yogurt in the back? Frozen yogurt seemed to have gotten so popular recently! The band aids you got are super cute too.

    1. Thankies Suki~!
      I have no idea. I tried it before, and it's very sweet and a bit sour and it pops when you bite it. I thought it was a kind of tapioca before, but it's definitely not that since it's liquid inside XD;;;

      I noticed there were so many frozen yoghurt shops in HK too, but finally there are more reaching "mainland" China! yay! I like the sour taste of real yoghurt (all ice cream or yoghurt here is super sweet x_X )