Saturday, September 14, 2013

[K-Drama] The master's Sun / 주군의 태양

I recently finished watching In Time With You(我可能不會愛你), a Taiwanese drama. I seriously wasn't too impressed. I didn't feel much for any of the characters and the plot was a bit lazy and didn't develop at all over 22 out of 23 episodes... ugh(though it came strongly recommended to me). Anyway, I checked my "to watch" list for some interesting dramas and found The Master's Sun there as a drama that seemed interesting.. and it's a horror drama even! I didn't watch such an Asian series before so I decided to watch... and I LOVED it from the start!

The Master's Sun is a Korean drama about a girl (Tae Gong Sil) who starts seeing ghosts after being in a serious accident. She finds that if she touches a certain rich, arrogant and idiotic CEO~ xD..
What attracted me from the first episode was the quality of everything, not only is the introduction done in a creative animation style, the quality of the shots throughout the episodes really stood out to me. Also the ghosts and special effects are seriously scary! Aside from that every episode seems to have a smaller story about a certain ghost in it, and all of these stories are interesting so far. I like both the lead characters and even the secondary lead character!

I should also make special note of the music, which is wonderful! Of course it doesn't help that my favourite Korean singer (Hyorin) sang one of the tracks on the OST!

Though I've only watched 4 episodes so far I think I can already recommend this series!


  1. I absolutely LOVELOVE master's sun. It's my current favourite drama (and I don't pick favourites too easily, hah). The recent episodes are absolutely amazing and arghh! My heart! This drama is a heart killer, for sure. *u*

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    1. I totally agree with you, the pacing is perfect so far and I love both of the lead characters a lot ~

  2. I've never really managed to get into korean dramas but this does look very intriguing to me! :O


    1. I recommend you try it, the quality is very high and the storytelling is very well done!