Sunday, October 6, 2013

Artist Highlight: Perfume

I would like to share my appreciation for these 3 girls. Perfume is a lovely girl group from Japan. They've been around quite a while, but I didn't really start liking them until around 2010/2011.

The first song I really loved by them was this: Natural ni koishite
What particularly attracted me was the interesting MV with the perfectly synchronised dance and changing backdrops.

This seems to be their theme with their more recent work. I will share some of my favourites here!

A "classic" I would say. "Polyrhythm"

One of my ABSOLUTE favourites. 100 points for catchiness and super complicated dance.
"Spending all my time"

Some times the lyrics to their songs are so repetitive yet so catchy, and some times I really think these girls might be Japan-made androids (see their MV for: Spring of Life), because of their perfect synchronisation and synthetic sounding songs including their auto-tuned voices.
However lately I grew to appreciate them more and more ^^ ~

Here's their latest release!


  1. I think that's cool they've made the changing backgrounds and synchronization into their new videos, I like the idea of continuity =D

    1. I agree with you, I love their perfectly executed concepts!