Monday, November 18, 2013

A surprise from Japan ~

Before I post any more photos of Taiwan I wanted to share the contents of 2 lovely parcels that were waiting for me upon my return home!

I was surprised to find both of them from Japan! One from my lovely friend Maaike, who happened to be traveling through Japan recently. Another from my dear friend Sasha, who has been living in Japan for some time ~

First parcel is from Maaike, who wrote a tiny little letter to accompany the parcel. She wrote something along the lines if "you mentioned you liked Japanese stickers.. so you shall have them." and included was a huge pile of stickers!!! :D :D Perfect!! (omg, so many!!)

Second parcel was from Sasha, who included an adorable kitten postcard with handwritten letter along with.. stickers~~  x3 I love you guys!

Thank you my dear friends ~ x3