Friday, November 22, 2013

Taiwan Kaohsiung Day 1 - Food & Shopping

So here's my update from Taiwan day 1~
My itinerary was as follows:
Xiamen to Jinmen(Taiwanese island off the coast of Xiamen)
Jinmen to Kaohsiung (Southern Taiwan)
(and back the same way x3)
Taking the ferry from Xiamen to Jinmen early in the morning ~ only 30 minutes.
The first thing I noticed was this bakery next to my hotel xD;
"Baw" shoes? XD hehe.. anyway, a street shot of Sanduo district in Kaohsiung~
First, I set out to find myself some lunch and decided to explore the local mall's food courts.. they have Japanese style food models~!
I went into a Japanese curry restaurant(Momo curry), the curry was delicious!! I got asparagus and cherry tomato curry with added spinach and eggplant and of course omurice! (omelette rice). So delicious and so filling ~ x3
I also found a Japanese style bakery that sold yakisoba (fried noodles) bread! Omnomnom! Loving all the Japanese stuff here..
...and then I found a DAISO!!! -squealjumpforjoyyattanene- ~ Daiso is basically a "dollar store" from Japan! In Taiwan everything is only 39TWD... so nice! And everything is kawaii x3
Kawaii shower sponges :3
Cute portable ashtrays... why not?
I love the packaging for magic sponges! Hahaha~
Cups cups cups~!!!
Cuuups~! Kitchenware will be the end of me.
I found cute Licca/Jenny set-ups in a toy store! Baskin Robbins ~
Did I mention Kaohsiung has a LOT of scooters/motorbikes? Seriously, they cover the entire sidewalks!
Night street view ~
My dinner ~ pesto pasta at Aunt Stella's ~ their almond tea and soup was also delicious and it comes in this set meal. After eating so much I could barely walk though!
They also sell cookies, pastries and quiche and cute boxes!
Got some Jasmine green tea at this place x3 love their slightly Chinglish slogan ~
That about sums it up for day 1~ more kawaii pics about my remaining days and the dollfair to follow~! Thanks for looking x3


  1. Wow! So many cute stuff!! XD Hope you have lots of fun there! XDDD

    1. Thanks ~ More pictures of the Taiwan Doll Party 5 to follow~~ :DD