Friday, December 13, 2013

Works in progress

Again~ I've been working towards finishing these 2 heads, who almost can't be possibly further removed from eachother in terms of style ~

The cute cartoon-y SQlabs Navi head and the grumpy realistic Elfdoll Nabee head ~ incidentally, both are white skin...

I've been lazy and still haven't finished editing all my Taiwan pictures!  ~ (not to mention my Hong Kong pictures from last year and this year.. hope to do that before time is up!)

Also.. I was a baaad girl T_T;


  1. Such pretty face-ups! I love how you did the eyes on the Elfdoll girl. :D
    The lazy part sounds like me too. I have so many photos from ages ago that I still haven't edited. >_>
    Ooh, new doll(s?)! Can't wait too see how she'll turn out when you get her.

    1. Thanks so much :D I enjoyed trying something new on both girls ~
      Hahah, let's get editing then >o<
      I'm also curious, as it was somewhat of an impulse purchase (the last chance to purchase these girls!)