Thursday, January 16, 2014

2 Surprises from home!

~I've been so lazy, I have lots of photos and stuff to post but I've been sick and busy and.. well there's no excuse really~

First things first, thanks to my lovely friends from home ~ Yasmin, Natasja & Maaike ~! They sent me some kawaii goodies! ^_^

The packets, though nearly torn open, battered and crushed still arrived in okay condition! Including the wonderful illustrations Yasmin drew on them x3 You see, one packet has a local Dutch tool in it for cutting cheese! (I'm such a cheese lover)

Wow! Look, there are too many goodies x3 mostly stickers, 'cause these girls know I am so addicted to cute stickers @o@~~  thank you so much!

And lovely cards including Jetoy~ (Love~!!!) and a hand-drawn card as well for the holidays~ it always makes me feel so happy to receive these kinds of things from my friends!


  1. Yaayy!! Glad you like the stuffs <3
    And thank you so much for your package with goodies too <3

    1. I'm glad you also liked your stuff! Hope to send more soon ~ x3 x3