Friday, January 24, 2014

Taiwan haul~

Last year on my Taiwan trip I bought tons of stuff! Mostly kawaii things from Daiso.. hehehe.. here's my loot post (non-doll anyway ~ )
I was eyeing these books before, and finally decided to buy them when I went into a huuuge book store! I love books x3
Cute stickers and paper folders x3
Cute pouches ~~  ahhh Daiso!
Random kawaii things and letter paper ~ looove stationery!
Stamp stickers and more paper folders~
More letter paper, gift bags and a sticker book~! I plan to stick my Purikura stickers in here xD!;
I love how Daiso has cute everything, including the most normal housewares ~ xD; sponges!
Nice Taiwan designer postcards, which can be cut up and folded or sewed into something cute :3 for some of my friends!
Lovely pencil box and pencils + a flowery fan ~
Yahh ~ and since most of it was from Daiso (kind of like Japan's dollar store) ~ it was all very cheap too xD!; can't wait to go back to Taiwan!

Thanks for reading ~


  1. My sister have wreck this journal too and she's loving it ^w^

    1. Yeah, it's a fun book! The other one I got is from the same author and it's called "Pocket scavenger" ~

  2. What a great haul! Love all those stickers! :3 Do you collect the stickers or do you use them? Whenever I buy cute stickers to use, I can never get myself to do it because they're so cute. XD

    1. I know the feeling! But I do use some of them when I write letters or send parcels ~ :D However my collection has grown so big that I'll probably never use all of them in my life time XD