Thursday, March 13, 2014

I love kitchenware.

Have you ever found yourself with too many things to update! Haha, I've got so many photos of my travels and shopping that I don't have time to edit / upload them all! So here are some of my recent shopping results ~
Amazing cups with removable tea filters!
Red riding hood cup with cute tea filter given to me by me friend Stef! :)
I NEEDED these cups x3...
Carp bowls and plates make a nice addition to my kitchen cupboards!
Earrings and cute succulents cards!
Tins with cute bird designs ~
Chinglish tins with African animals ~~
One word, well put.
I love this brand: Lenwa for stationery!
The inside of these planners is so cute and useful!
Thanks for looking ~


  1. You always buy such interesting and cute stuff! I wish I could find stuff that cute as well. xD

    And I know about the problem with too many things to update. I've been a bit quiet on my blog for about 1½ month and now I have ton of stuff I want to blog about. I never know if I should update with the oldest or the most current relevant stuff. xD

    1. Thanks, haha! There's some amazing shops around here ~
      I guess you should just update whatever you think is relevant at the time of updating :D I have the same issues as you though! I just try to keep it varied~