Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monde de Pinocchio ~ loot ^o^

Monde de Pinocchio #6 in Taipei was super amazing! I hope to post some more photos of both Taiwan doll fairs I've been too soon, but for now, here's loot pictures! (There are tooo many photos to choose from otherwise!)
The Doll fair started at 10:30 and would last until about 15:00! After getting lost for a bit we still arrived there with plenty of time to spare, and we got our tickets and got in the line which was already quite well formed. Towards opening time we noticed how many people were actually lined up behind us... It was quite crowded! Now for the loot photos ~
Lots of paper work in the goodie bag we received with our tickets and lottery tickets!
Eyes, socks, underwear and a cute Kuloft dress!
This amazing dress I got for my SD girls is so adorable!
Kuloft was having big sales so I couldn't resist their head bands!
A couple more dresses ~ x3
And finally I got tons more eyes because they were lovely and cheap!

Thanks for checking ~


  1. Omg so many loots!! Even the undies is so adorable! XDDD I love all those frilly dresses! Which is the reason why I always put off getting girl dolls unless they are of a size that is hard to find dresses for... like pukipuki ROFL!

    1. Haha yeah, and everything was reasonably priced! Be careful with those dresses, they can get super addictive!!!