Saturday, March 15, 2014

SPICA(스피카) - You Don't Love Me Music Video

I don't get why this song hasn't exploded as it should have, it's amazing! The vocals are super strong and the styling is superb and the video is humorous too ~ x3 x3 Go listen to it!


  1. Hi! Can you believe what I found on my mail box today?
    After six months (or more I don't know...) your letter came to me xD
    In my mind it was lost around the world (bad mail services =P)

    I love the stickers! They are so cute! And I love LPS too.
    I am going to take a photo of them soon and post on my blog :D

    Thank you very much ~*

    1. I'm sooo relieved it arrived. I had really assumed it was lost too = =;;; But yay for nice surprises!