Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Taiwan Kaohsiung - Day 2

I still didn't finish uploading all my photos even for my trip to Kaohsiung! I also have many pictures from my trip to Taipei already piling up! So here are the photos of day 1~

The small streets

Dream Mall
Awesome PowerPuff Girls pillar xD;
Too... much.. spongebob stuff..
Lots of Japanese characters were represented in this shop x3
DIY post cards ~ so tiny!
Hello Kitty wine...?!
I had a feeling Hello Kitty was quite popular around here...
I just love food models, they always appear to be so realistic!
I found this super creepy Pikachu o__o
Thank goodness I found a cute one right outside.
Those amazing lanterns. XD
Sake(?!) beauty products @ Daiso
Chair socks, all of them were so cute! x3 Next time I'll buy some for my chairs..
Exciting book store, I had high expectations!
I wasn't disappointed! Ghibli stuff! x3 x3

Lots of manga around too..
And not to mention, the Yaoi corner XD I especially loved the book called "house of holes"... just what?
A Giant octopus!
Amazing expressions on this spongebob stuff xD;
They even had Blythe stuff and dolly magazines!

Japanese cook books always look so perfect, don't they?
Japanese DIY books, also quite inspiring!
So much I want to buy~ but baggage limits!

Aaand a giant llama? XD
I looove Kutushita  Nyanko, but all of this stuff was sadly overpriced TT;
Cute sticky notes are cute >o<
Then I found an Adventure Time shop too :o
Selling AT clothes x3
And of course Hello Kitty clothing stores ~
Bathroom whales are cute too..

Outside display window~
Riding my bike around Kaohsiung x3
There was this tiny temple near my hotel x3
Dining with a lovely view

Café Grazie, it was worth it waiting in line. Amazing view and good food.
As Asian pizzas tend to be sweet, this one was as well. Still tasty though xD;
Amazing ice cream from Cold Stone was my dessert!
Night time streets ~
And then.. a fish. xD;
Thanks for looking!


  1. This place looks like shopping heaven!! My favorite are those DIY post cards! I probably would've bought multiplies of all of them! Did you shop a lot?

    1. Taiwan surely is! >3< Full of Japanese shops ~ I bought tooo many things in Taiwan but I spent little money on it! Strongly recommend it for a tourism/shopping trip!